Lundström Arts Management (LAM) was founded by Karina Lundström in 2007.

In February 2007 I had just finished 16 years as the CEO of the National Chamber Choir of Ireland and was taking a short break before deciding ‘What Next’? Around the middle of that month I received a phone from a colleague (and friend) who suggested that I represent him, as his agent; and so LAM was born (and my very first artist remains on my roster to this day)!

Since 2007 LAM has represented artists and ensembles from Ireland, Germany, England, Romania, Brazil, Switzerland, Estonia, Kazakhstan and the Czech Republic and managed many projects in Ireland the UK and Germany. To date the agency has negotiated engagements for its artists and ensembles throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and Brazil.

Several successful recording contracts have also been negotiated with international labels, NAXOS, BIS and HERESY.

The artists and ensembles with whom we work have one thing in common – a passion for and a commitment to their art. At LAM we are equally passionate about each of our artists, we listen to their plans, dreams and concerns and work tirelessly to provide a unique management plan for every artist. Over the past 14 years we have developed good relationships with many promoters by providing them with top quality artists and ensembles and efficient service – I am committed to continuing to do just that…