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A new music company has been set up in Ireland to help promote and support artists and projects working in non-mainstream areas.

Ensemble Music, established by musician duo Rob Kearns and Rob Farhat, aims to bring together their experience in classical, contemporary and pop music with good business, marketing and production support. The company is operating as something in between and around a music production company, artist management and potentially even a label – by recognising that the current industry needs a shake-up and people to approach it from a new perspective, Ensemble are taking the first step in rejuvenating the business.

The main artists working with the company at this early stage are Zaska, Loah, Téada Orchestra, Nova Collective and Kirkos Ensemble, representing a mix of styles and approaches typical of current Irish music. Ensemble will launch at the end of the month with a concert, followed by the first fully staged performance of Stravinsky's The Soldier's Tale in Ireland for more than thirty years. More information on Ensemble Music can be found at www.ensemble.ie

LAM wishes Ensemble the best of luck with their new initiative.

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