Old PlaneThe most time consuming, frustrating role that an artists’ agent has to deal with is booking flights for ensembles – particularly when the individual artists are almost all flying from different locations in numerous countries and the final destination is a small local airport with no international flights. Add to the above that the airline has to be musician friendly and that your budget is exceedingly tight and you have a total nightmare scenario.


This is a short video recently taken of a stretch of the Belfast 'Peace Wall' near the North Howard St interface. The video forms part of the Walls Project, an audiovisual examination of 'peace barriers' across the world, including the Belfast Peace Wall, the US/Mexico border and the West Bank barrier. Taking the form of an interactive website, the project will bring together footage from people living in these locations, forming a full audiovisual documentation of the barriers and the impact on the lives of those who live in their shadow.


A new Dublin-based company run by a composer and a video artist, Subpoly Studios, launches innovative real-time video mixing software Videoweave and a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to fund its release. Is crowdfunding the way forward for arts organisations?



…here you will find: information; thoughts; ideas; musings and maybe even the occasional rant about all matters relating to the arts – especially, though not exclusively, the art of music.

Both Anna Murray and Karina Lundström will most likely be the main contributors but we will be inviting our artists to submit their thoughts/musings also so do watch this space for regular updates.